Courses of aviation English – Aviation Programme

  • Test of English for Aviation Personnel (TEAP)
  • Introduction to Aviation English
  • English for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers – ICAO Course 291
  • Teaching Methodology for Teachers of Aviation English
  • Language Awareness Development Course
  • Professional Training Courses for Raters
  • Special Aviation Programmes


Courses are conducted by qualified experts with expertise in the subject.

Each course is preceded by a Skype interview, based on which the appropriate course level is selected for the client.

Other Anglo–Continental courses

Anglo-Continental offers, besides aviation English courses, a range of other courses, such as English for beginners or professional courses meeting the most demanding requirements. In addition to teaching and certification, the school also provides accommodation.

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Including ICAO level 5

Aviation English courses

In order to offer a comprehensive range of training programs, we also provide preparatory courses for obtaining a higher level of ICAO English through TEAP (Language Proficiency Test) or the possibility of studying English independently.


Our English language partner is the prestigious Anglo-Continental language school located in Bournemouth, approximately 130 km southwest of London, with an international airport in Bournemouth. More than 400,000 students from 120 countries have studied at Anglo-Continental throughout the 65 years of its existence, each year there are about 2,000 students from 75 different nationalities.


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