AeroJOB aviation school

1 flight hour:

130 excl. VAT (fuel included)

AeroJOB aviation school offers the opportunity to obtain pilot qualifications from 0 to CPL. The aviation school is based in Slovakia, where we carry out the training on our new VIPER SD4 RTC aircraft. It is the first training aeroplane on the market.

Our flight school provides flight training from 0 to ATPL:

  • PPL (A)
  • Cross country Time building
  • VFR Night
  • IFR
  • MEP
  • CPL
  • ATPL Theory

PPL training includes:

  • More than 45 flight hours
  • 100 hours of PPL theory

0 – ATPL training includes:

  • Minimum 200 flight hours in aircraft and flight simulator
  • 650 hours of ATPL theory
  • The training period is at least 18 months

Entry requirements:

  • The minimum age for starting basic training on aeroplanes is 16 years
  • The applicant must be a holder of Medical Qualification class I or II before the first solo flight

Our training bases: Ražňany, Košice, Bratislava, Benešov, Brno a Hradec Králové.

Viper SD4 RTC Aircraft

PPL training including cross country and time building is performed on our new Viper SD4 RTC aircraft. It is a two-seat, all-metal low-wing aircraft equipped with modern Dynon Avionics. Our clients had the opportunity to participate directly in the production of the aeroplane at the production company Tomark.

Why Viper

  • All-metal construction - low functioning and maintenance costs, safety and long service life
  • A spacious cockpit with excellent view ensures comfort even during long flights
  • Excellent flight characteristics, speed and flight stability will be appreciated not only by experienced pilots but also by flight training centres, flight instructors and beginner pilots
  • State-of-the-art avionics technology - extensive use, superior quality features and first-class design
  • State-of-the-art flight, navigation, communication and monitoring systems with large LCD displays guarantee excellent control
  • Low fuel consumption, minimisation of operating costs
  • Thanks to its excellent equipment and flight characteristics, Viper is a great aeroplane for travelling, flight training and towing non-powered aircraft


TomarkAero is a manufacturer of all-metal two-seat sports aeroplanes Viper SD4 and SKYPER GT9. The aeroplanes are designed for the Ultralight (UL) and Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) categories and are the ideal solution for travelling, flight training and towing non-powered aircraft.

Learn more at Tomark's website.

Do you want to become a pilot?

We prepare students for airlines' selection procedures.

F Air partner aviation school

F Air aviation school uses mainly its base in Benešov u Prahy, but it also has other flight training bases, such as Prague-Letňany, Brno-Tuřany or Příbram.

F Air aviation school provides AeroJOB clients with continued IFR / MEP / CPL / ATPL Theory education.

For more information visit the F Air's website.

DSA partner aviation school

DSA aviation school is based at Hradec Králové Airport and provides AeroJOB clients with continuing IFR / MEP / CPL / ATPL Theory education.

For more information visit the DSA's website.


I would like to become an air transport pilot. Do I need a university degree?

No, you don't, a secondary school leaving exam ("maturita") is sufficient. While some airlines may require a university degree, it is generally not necessary.


How long does the 0 – ATPL training take?

An ideal duration of the training is approximately 24 months, however, it depends on your availability.


Am I going to be able to work while undergoing the training?

Yes, if you choose module training. Majority of our clients work and use their earnings to finance the training, which they undergo in their free time.


When can I start my PPL training?

The applicant must be at least 15 years old when commencing the training; the minimum age for obtaining a PPL licence is 17 years. Prior to their first solo flight, the applicant must hold a second class medical qualification (MED II).


What is the age limit?
Pilots over 65 years of age are not permitted to operate commercial flights. The age limit is thus 65 years.


AeroJOB cooperates with Ceska Sporitelna in the Czech Republic and VUB Bank in Slovakia.

Flight training

 AeroJOB provides flight training at its own aviation school in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic in cooperation with F Air and DSA aviation schools.



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