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Selection procedures

For 10 years we have been providing a comprehensive service of selection procedures for our partner companies. We provide turnkey entry procedures based on the requirements of airlines anywhere in the EU.

Flight training financing

We provide financing according to the specific needs of the airlines or the client. Thanks to our long-term and successful cooperation with Česká spořitelna, we offer some exclusive conditions and benefits, such as an interest rate of only 5.9% and up to 1 million without any liability. So far, each of our clients has obtained our credit through us.

Cadet programme and crew training

We have many years of experience in crew and cadet training, making use of modern teaching methods and the background of the best schools on the market. We adapt the entire training of the candidates to the requirements of the airline and implement its operational procedures to the training. The training graduates are professionals who meet all the prerequisites of the given profession and at the same time exactly match the specific requirements of the airlines. Thanks to this way of training of new employees based on precise criteria and requirements, where a trained professional is not burdened by previous experience and experience above the required framework, the airlines save up to 20% on wage costs (according to the terms of the contract that the new employee is bound to). We also provide funding for the training either via the adept or via the airline.

Human resources solutions

We provide personnel service in all areas of transport aviation and related fields. We are a licensed HR agency with a large database of clients. We have an experienced staffing team and, thanks to our collaboration with renowned agencies, we have global reach.


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For airlines

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