Individual training

Our company does not provide aviation training just for profit, without paying attention to its quality and client's wishes. That's why we always tailor all services to each client's needs after a personal appointment.

Comprehensive services

We are the only company on the Czech market to offer truly comprehensive services from basic training through typology, professional English courses to preparation for a specific selection procedure or financing of training.

Flexible offers

We always pay careful attention to the financial capabilities of our students. Thanks to an extensive range of specialised business partners we are able to build the study curriculum based on pre-determined goals and with maximum efficiency.

Quality education

We always recommend to our clients only proven and reputable partners who guarantee quality training, which is supervised by our instructor.

Our principles

Our main principle is the quality and efficiency of aviation training that will provide a solid basis for the difficult commercial pilot profession. Your further professional growth at the airline is going to be built on this basis. A successful start of your career starts with basic habits that will secure passing a selection procedure and following training. Our experience confirms the validity of our educational methods, which we form according to our partner airlines' requirements.


For pilots

For airlines

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