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Ing. Branislav Čop

managing director

Branislav Čop has more than 26 years of professional experience as a commercial pilot. During his career he flew for Fischer Air, ČSA, Travel Service and Ryanair. He flew a total of 17,000 flight hours on various types of aircraft, 14,000 of which were as a Boeing-737 captain. As a B-737 type instructor he flew more than 1,000 hours in type ratings and training. He currently works as a B-737 captain at Ryanair.

Flight hours: 17,000

Qualifications: TRI B737, IRI (A)

Ing. Jozef Krupár

managing director AeroJOB SK

Jozef Krupár worked as an air mechanic, pilot and instructor of military Mi-24 and Mi-17 combat helicopters in 1986–2010. During his service in the army he held management and command positions. Since 2011 he has been practicing as an air training simulator.


Flight hours: 1,780

Qualifications: CPL (H)

Ing. Pavol Petríček

flight instructor

Pavol Petríček worked as a military pilot on Mi-2 and Mi-17 helicopters between 1996 and 2016. Nowadays he works as an air ambulance service pilot at Air Transport Europe, spol. s.r.o., where he pilots a Bell-429 helicopter.


Flight hours: 2,500

Qualifications: CPL (A), FI (A), CPL (H), SEP (L)

Dušan Šamko

flight instructor, examiner

Dušan Šamko is one of the best and most experienced aerobatic pilots in Slovakia. He is a frequent participant of air shows both at home and abroad with a number of victories in the aerobatics category. In 1995 he became the Viceroy of the World in Aerobatic Acrobatics. He also works as a aerobatics instructor, aviation inspector, examiner, test pilot and demonstration pilot. He is qualified for various aircraft types like PITTS S-2C, SU-31, SU-29, YAK-52, YAK-18, L 200 Morava, C-172, C-150 or C-188.


Flight hours: 9,500

Qualifications: CPL (A), FI (A), FE,
MEP (L), SEP (L), VFR Night

Ivan Chvojka

flight instructor, examiner

Ivan Chvojka served as a military pilot and instructor on L-29 and L-39 aircraft in 1979-2003. He was also the commander of the well-known acrobatic group Biele Albatrosy. Since 2003 he has been working as a pilot, instructor and examiner qualified for various types of propeller aircraft such as C-152, C-172, Z-226, Z-142, Z-242, ECHO and SD-4.


Flight hours: 6,100

Qualifications: CPL (A), FI (A), FE,

Ing. Pavol Kavka

flight instructor

Pavol Kavka flew a total of 2,950 flight hours on various types of single-engine and multi-engine piston airplanes, mostly YAK 52. He is a flight instructor and inspector of the Slovak Transport Authority, an Air Traffic Controller with Approach and Tower Control qualification, as well as an Approach and Tower Control simulators instructor.


Flight hours: 2,950

Qualifications: Aerobatics Instructor Rating,

Air Traffic Controller, FI (A), MEP (L),

SEP (L), VFR Night

Ing. Róbert Bujňák

flight instructor

Róbert Bujňák has been flying for 20 years as a transport pilot. He has also served as an instructor, examiner, and ferry pilot on Embraer 120 and Boeing 737 aircraft. He has worked for SkyEurope, Blue Air, Sunwing, Armavia, Travel Service, Go2Sky and Ryanair.


Flight hours: 11,500

Qualifications: ATPL(A), SEP (L), TRI B737, FI (A)

Ing. Ľubomír Stanko

flight instructor

Mr. Stanko started flying on gliders 14 years ago. He gradually switched to powered flying and increased his qualification to the level of CPL (A) and FI. He currently flies as a CSA pilot on the ATR 72 type.


Flight hours: 1,300

Qualifications:  CPL (A), FI

Ing. Marek Hatiar

flight instructor

Marek Hatiar has been working as an instructor since 2019. He is qualified for various types of propeller aircraft such as the DA-20, DA-40, DA-42 and SD-4.


Flight hours: 340

Qualifications: Frozen ATPL(A), MEP (L), SEP (L) , VFR Night, SE/IR, ME/IR, FI(A)

Ing. Pavol Hintoš

flight instructor

Pavol Hintoš has been flying since 2008. He has been working as a transport pilot since 2015. He currently flies with Ryanair as a first officer on a Boeing 737. Prior to that, he worked for Travel Service (Smartwings) and Sunwing Airlines in Canada.


Flight hours: 3 000

Qualifications:  CPL(A), SEP(L), FI(A), B737 300-900


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