David Hecl

Captain at Emirates Airlines, A380-800

“The professional aviation team at AeroJOB can find the right route for every candidate for a transport pilot.”

Michal Černý

Captain at Travel Service, B737 NG and TRI

“Flying is nice, but the road to the cockpit is long and winding. I have appreciated the AeroJOB tailored training, including the help to find work. Welcome to the sky!”

Martin Hrabák

First Officer at Travel Service, B737-800

“I came to AeroJOB without any aviation experience. The company has provided me with a comprehensive training program at a renowned aviation school, financing with an advantageous loan, and at the end with a contract with the largest Czech airline, all at a time of great crisis, when most airlines in Europe were dismissing their pilots. The actions of company's representatives were always professional and always respected my individual requirements.”

Radomil Serafin

First Officer at Emirates Airlines, B-777

“Without AeroJOB to help me, I might have still been sending out CVs and making telephone calls and finally been ground down!”

Daniel Ferenčík

First Officer at Emirates Airlines, B-777

“My journey to the cockpit of a transport plane started with AeroJOB. Four years ago I decided to try it with them. AeroJOB helped me with the pre-financing of the training and its course.Moreover, AeroJOB prepared me for the selection procedure itself and thus fulfilled my dream of becoming a Boeing 737-800 pilot.”

Ing. Martin Lipták

First Officer at Ryanair, B737-800

“The preparation for a job interview provided by AeroJOB was excellent. Professional approach, helpful advice and, above all, simulation training helped me through the selection process without the slightest problems. I finally do what I wanted all my life. Thank you.”

Jakub Velička

First Officer at Ryanair, B737-800

“Becoming a transport pilot takes a lot of effort, commitment and financial means. However, the market with quality job offerings for pilots is extremely competitive, so it is necessary to connect with strong partners. AeroJOB is without a doubt one of them.”

Michal Macek

“AeroJOB helped me to make the final step to become successful – to reach the right seat in the right plane. Thank you for your advice and patience with my questions during type rating.”

Ján Pitor

“AeroJOB has provided me with all the necessary information to pass a selection procedure at Ryanair, from the initial evaluation of my skills and knowledge, through the provision of theoretical training and practical training at the simulator to the very early tender. Thank you for your friendly and professional approach and the opportunity to move forward in my career.”


AeroJOB is the first professional agency for professional pilots in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Over 25 years of its existence, it has delivered more than 100 pilots and 100 cadets to airlines around the globe, helped to get more than 100 loans to finance practical training in cooperation with partner banks, and more than 1,500 clients have gone through selection procedures held in our company. Do you want to be sure that AeroJOB is the right choice for you? Learn what our graduates have written about us.


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