Benefits of the programme

  • No extra charges for the client
  • The price includes all costs and fees

Our program in London

  • North Weald aviation school instructors' briefing on the school, airport and runways, flight procedures and flight areas of Stansted, Heathrow and Luton airports
  • Introductory flight to the nearby airport and familiarisation with procedures for loss of connection, emergency, etc.
  • A series of flights to locations selected by the client in agreement with North Weald instructors
  • Possibility to schedule flights over the English Channel to France and back
  • The home airport allows you to travel to London, Cambridge or the RAF Museum in Heldon in your free time

Are you interested in time building in London?

From £115 per flight hour, all fees included

Time building

In cooperation with North Weald aviation school (EGSX) we offer the opportunity to gain aviation experience in London. The school has a rich history, is located near Stansted Airport and has several own fixed runways and taxiways. Training in North Weald offers a unique opportunity to gain aviation experience right in one of the most frequented airspaces in the world and a great opportunity to improve your English.


As part of the course, we offer the opportunity to pilot the C-150 aircraft that we have available for time building as well as cross country flying.


For pilots

For airlines

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